Don't be afraid.4

Hi guys.How's it going.Today, I'm take about my story.I has 2 good point.first,I made the gym friend.His father jobd in Okinawa base.So he lived in Okinawa about 2 years.He want to know Japan becouse he tald me.latelly,we are jointn the trainig.

Secound,this time come forth 3 firends.On my way from domitory to dining,I met them.So they throw the foot ball.foot ballroring over the me. So I return the ball,and they said "Where are you going to go?"

I said"I ma go dining hall.after the they said "me to.Doyou wanna joint us?"I said"Oh really.I want to go." And then,we gradually got closer.My honestry,if evry one wants to study abroad.I wanna say to"Don't be afraid making mistake.


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Ippei Matsuda